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Organizational Behavior Given by Sara Abdu Said
Human Resources Manar Al-Otaibi
Principles of Management Given by Amal Samarah
Principles of Marketing Given by Manar Alotibi
Strategic Management Given by Manar Alotibi
Principles of Accounting Given by Fatima Tfaily
Basic Math Ms Amal
Marketing Communication Given by Mary McNally
International Business Given by BassemAlKassem
Principles of Macroeconomics Given by 'Manar Alotibi' 1
Public Speaking Given by Mr Bassem AlKassem
Business Technology given by Mr. Cornelies Van Zyl
Market Research Given by Mary McNally
Fundamentals of Project Management by Dr.Arezou Harraf
Principles of Finance Given By Ms.Fatima Tfaily
Principles of Microeconomics Given by Fatima Tfaily
Elementary Statistics Given by Ms.Sara
Leadership Given by Ms.Sara
Financial Markets and Institutions Given by Mary McNally
Operations and Risk Management Given by Bassam

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